2007 Information Security Summer School 

Department: Dept. of Information Management, NTUST
Semester: 95 Summer (95h)
Course Code: MI5111701
Title: Advanced Topics on Information Security
Summer Course Host: Dr. Der-Tsai Lee, Member of Academia Sinica
Credit: 3 credit hours (optional)
Course Objective: Due to the emerging information security problems and globalization trend, we are very
pleased to have faculty members of Taiwan Information Security Center, and internationally recognized distinguished researchers in information security area to give this short term intensive course. The course content will address the advanced information security issues, in hopes to expand the scope and research capabilities of domestic graduate students.
Course Description: Other than fundamental information security issues, this course will cover more advanced materials, e.g. Smart cards、RFID tags、Cryptographic engineering、Techniques for trusted electronic transactions、Ubiquitous Security、Secure DRM 、 Watermarking、Mobile Network Security etc.
Speaker: 10 eminent researchers (please refer to 「website 1」2007 ISSS curriculum).
Course Schedule: 2007.8.6 ~ 2007.8.16, Six hours per day, excluding Saturday and Sunday, the whole course consists of 54 hours of lectures. (Course period: AM 9:30~12:30 and PM 13:30~16:30)
Evaluation: 4 reports.
Classroom: NTUST, International Building IB-202.
Charge: Free


Reference website:

1. 2007 ISSS curriculum

2. TaiWan Information Security Center@NTUST (in Chinese)


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