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TWISC 2.0 Information Security Advanced Research Center Framework

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TWISC 1.0 Introduction and Objectives   The Taiwan Information Security Center (TWISC) was initiated as a research program in April 2005 and funded by the National Science Council for the past few years. TWISC pulls together experts in information security from various universities and research institutes in Taiwan with an aim to boost research and [...]

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Research Description & Future Work

Major Accomplishments Post-quantum cryptosystems security analysis 1. Evaluate the security of post-quantum cryptosystems 2. Investigate possible cracking methods of the following cryptosystems:   coding-based encryption, e.g., McEliece attack and Niederreiter attack, multivariate PKC, e.g., XL-based attack, F4-based attack and enumeration, and lattice-based PKC, e.g., enumeration, LLL method and BKZ method. Secure peer-to-peer data delivery on portable devices Using cloud-based data repository that ensures data's [...]

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Research Topics

We have identified the following four areas as our main research activities: Data Security Cryptology Post-Quantum Cryptosystems Algebraic Cryptanalysis Cloud Computing Security Information Privacy Protection Database Security and Access Control Software and Hardware Security Software Vulnerability Analysis Compositional Reasoning Model Checking Security System Evaluation Smart Card/RFID/FPGA Security Testing Embedded System Security Network Security Security Protocol [...]

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TWISC currently involves research staff, faculty and graduate students from Institute of Information Science Academia Sinica  National Taiwan University of Science and Technology National Taiwan University Chang Gung University Soochow University Tamkang University   Management All members contact information list download D.T. Lee Director, TWISC Director, Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica Tzong-Chen Wu CEO, [...]

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International Collaboration

TWISC also promotes educational and research cooperation in information security with the international partners on the basis of mutual respect of each others autonomy. The exchange of professors, students, scientists and research personnel for the purpose of teaching, research, and program development The exchange of publications, scientific materials, scholarly papers, and research information Developing programs [...]

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Organization Chart

TWISC Organization Chart- English Version Functions of Technology R&D Division To do advanced research in information security. To develop information security technologies and applications software for research and education. To plan and conduct university-industry cooperative research. To help realize technology transfer to industry. Functions of Collaboration & Exchange Division To draft technology and scholar exchange [...]

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TWISC presentation ( .ppt)

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20070418-TWISC For 96′ presentation

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TWISC@NTUST All Memebers Contact Information List

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