The Establishment, Promotion and Application of Network Security Testbed (Testbed@TWISC)

- TWISC@NCKU Taiwan Information Security Center at National Cheng-Kung University (TWISC@NCKU) was officially founded on April 1st, 2006. The center coordinates information security R&D capacities and human resources among academic institutes and research centers in southern and eastern Taiwan. TWISC@NCKU focuses on research in system security, PKI(Public Key Infrastructure), cryptology, and other security related areas. [...]

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Heterogeneous Wireless Multiple Network Security Testing and Analysis Platform

- TWISC@NCTU Research topics: Penetration testing of mobile devices and networks is the primary research theme of TWISC@NCTU. The research topics of the TWSIC@NCTU can be divided into two categories: Wireless Network Penetration Test and Mobile Devices Penetration Test. 1. Wireless Network Penetration Test - Explore topology and paralyze 3G core net (HLR) - Explore [...]

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Software/Hardware Application Security Testbeds (SHAST)

TWISC@NTUST The SHAST project, based on the “2008 Information and Communication Security Policy White Paper” from STAG (Science and Technology Advisory Group) was granted to construct Software/Hardware Application Security Testbeds at NTUST. Through establishment of the testing platforms, the following goals will be accomplished: (1) develop security analysis technology for Web applications; (2) develop Smart [...]

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