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Establish TaiWan
Information Security Center
  • The folk of domestic Universities’ professors and researchers or
    research centers’ professors and researchers are our invite members:First Year:We take part in the northen universities to be invited,the
    members’ units cover Academia Sinica、National Taiwan University of
    Sciences and Technologies、National Taiwan University、National Chiao
    Tung University、National Cheng Kung University、Chang Gung
    University、Soochow University、Tamkang University..etc;We have 22
    professors、1 post docorate study、10 Ph.d students、30 master students
    in our centerSecond year、Third year will extend to central and south part
    univisities of National Cheng Kung University 、National Sun Yat-Sen
    University、National Chung Cheng University、National Tsing Hua
    University、Feng Chia University、National Chung Hsing
    University、Tunghai University、National Central University、National
    Chi Nan University、National Dong Hwa University..etc
  • Constitutes the advisors to conult with the team and provides
    related consult with it
  • Integrate the abilities of researches of domestic Universities and
    research centers, and become Taiwan’s government、industrial and academia
    share protocol and resources center
  • Expanding information security concepts (Techniques
    、Managements、Networks、Image restoration 、Image motion compensation
Information Security Emerging Issues
  • Establish the center’s research members, periodicallly group
    meeting、study latest thesis、invite expert give us a lecture、share study
    result and look for the opportunity that cooperate each other
  • Divided up network security、data security、software and hardware
    security、information security management to study and research step by
    step directly:First Year:E-Commerce and network security modem techniques, its
    include Public Key Infrastructure application、netowrk security pact
    to analyze、remote authentication techniques、RFID、wireless network
    security techniques、virus detection、back door detection、denail of
    dervice attack、trash mails and P2P security techniques..etcSecond Year:Medium and data security、software and hardware modem
    security,its include database security、digital authority management
    and information security concepts broadcast techniques..etcThird Year:The information security managements, its include
    security certificate standards、security certificate formal rules and
    SOC support technique..etc
  • Every year is to announce and public significant international
    journals and momentous international academia colloquium
  • The thesis and essays will achive international academia standard,
    and our center will become international level research group.
To Develope Information
Security Platforms and Tools
  • Construct banking and finance security application、electronic
    government security application and information security detection
    research development:First Year:Security detecion tools developmentSecond Year:Security
    tool and module analysisThird Year:E-Government、banking anf finance
    application auxiliary
  • To integrate domestic research resources and learnning environment
  • Educate and nourish person of talent to have theories and