In conjunction with the European Horizon 2020 project PQCRYPTO and Taiwan Ministry of Science and Technology Project 105-2923-E-001-003-MY3 (永續可用的後量子密碼學), and supported by the TWISC project, we are holding a two-day crash school in Post-Quantum Cryptography on June 27-28. The school will cover the basics of post-quantum cryptography. Lectures should be accessible to any person with knowledge equivalent to having a bachelor in mathematics, computer science, or the IT side of electrical engineering. On June 29, we will hold a Post-Quantum Cryptography ForumWorkshop where experts in Post-Quantum Crypto are invited to come and give hour talks on selected topics.

The Mini-School and Speakers

    Each Topic will be covered in 150 minutes of talks, starting at 9:40 each morning.

  • Daniel J. Bernstein ( Lattice-based Cryptography )
  • Wouter Castryck ( Supersingular Isogeny Cryptography )
  • Tanja Lange ( Code-based Cryptography )
  • Peter Schwabe ( Hash-based Cryptography )
  • Bo-Yin Yang ( Multivariate Quadratic Cryptography )

The Post-Quantum Cryptography Forum Workshop and Already Agreed Speakers

  • Dr. Koichiro Akiyama, Toshiba Japan
  • Prof. Chen-Mou Cheng, National Taiwan University
  • Prof. Jung Hee Cheon, Seoul National University
  • Prof. Kai-Min Chung, Academia Sinica
  • Prof. Jintai Ding, University of Cincinnati
  • Prof. Jon-Lark Kim, Sogang University, Seoul


    The venue will be the Lecture Hall at the Institute of Information Science at the Academia Sinica. You may need change or an MRT card to take a bus.

  • From Nangang Exhibition Hall MRT Station cross the street after com-ing out of Exit 5 and take the 205, 212, 276, 306, 620, 645, 679, Mini(M) 6, Small(S) 1, Small 5, or Small 12 bus lines to Academia Sinica. One can walk from the MRT station to Academia Sinica in about 20 min.
  • From Nangang Station (the MRT stop) take Exit 2 and take the Blue(BL) 25, 270, or 212 Express bus lines to Academia Sinica.
  • To take a taxi, show the following paragraph to the driver:
    Academia Sinica, Institute of Information Science
    128 Section 2 Academia Road, Taipei
    Ask the taxi driver to enter the campus through the main gate. After passing through that gate, turn left and then right left, the I.I.S. will be the third building on your left.


Seating is limited. Attendees are requested to register.
Registration will be open 5/25 - 6/25.
Registration is free and lunchboxes will be provided for the attendees; if you have special dietary requests, please contact Ms. Seiya Pan at


Attendees who wish to stay near the venue can try to book at the Academia Sinica Activities Center (Guesthouse), which is in extremely high demand and waitlisting may be necessary.
Other mainstream hotels near Academia Sinica are the Nangang Forward Hotel ( ), the Green World Hotel ( ) and the Courtyard by Marriott ( ).
If you require assistance booking a hotel nearby, please contact Ms. Seiya Pan at

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