Taiwan Information Security Center

At the Taiwan Information Security Center we focus on three directions of development : theoretical discussion, practice-oriented research, and professional training and education. TWISC connects academia, industry and government in a cooperative effort to investigate cutting-edge technical and theoretical developments in information and communications security and to develop new standards. We believe our efforts will provide students the opportunity to acquire practical skills and promote the value of academic research.

SKI+ User Guide (SecureKeyIn)

Academia Sinica / Research Center for Information Technology Innovation SKI+ User Guide Adding new friends by scanning your phone book: Tap (Contacts) Tap (Scan for friends) A prompt for ‘Add Friends’ will appear. Tap ‘OK’. [...]

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Technology R&D Division To_do_Lists

Technology R&D Division To Do Lists Item of Works Explanation of Contents Expect the Performance Establish TaiWan Information Security Center The folk of domestic Universities' professors and researchers or research centers' professors and researchers are [...]

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Cross-domain Layered Defense System For New Communication Networks

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