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SKI+ User Guide

Adding new friends by scanning your phone book:

Tap (Contacts)

Tap (Scan for friends)

A prompt for ‘Add Friends’ will appear. Tap ‘OK’. It will scan your mobile’s phone book and automatically add friends who have already installed SKI+ to your friend list.


Adding a friend by QR code

Tap (Contacts)

Tap (QR code)

Tap ‘SCAN’ for using camera to scan a friend’s QR code (thus adding a friend). Or use the QR code, as shown, to allow a friend to scan.


Inviting your friend to use SKI+:

Sending a canned message and a download link of SKI+ to your friend, asking him/her to use SKI+ and automatically adding you (the sender) as a friend via this link:

Tap (Contacts)

Tap (Share)

A ‘Sharing’ menu will rise up.

Tap an app, (say iMessage). It will automatically paste a customized link pointing to the Android or IOS SKI+ app download site. You can edit the canned message for personalization.

This ‘sharing message’ can also be used for those who have already downloaded SKI+ to add you (the sender) as a friend.


Creating a new group:


Pick members to add (see red)

Tap (see blue).

A default group name followed by @date will be created. You can edit the group name as you do with the change of nickname on your contact list, as shown below.  (You may want to create a frame for editing a friend’s nickname)


Edit a group:

Tap (Contacts)

Tap ‘Groups’ (Below the search field)

Long tap a group for editing

Tap the group name.  Enter the new group name to rename (edit) it

Tap to add one member (on the top)

Exiting group


Delete a group:

Swipe left on a group, then tap ‘DELETE’.


Change/Edit a user’s nickname (or alias):

Tap Contacts

Tap ‘Friends’ (Below the search field)

Long tap a user for editing

Tap the user’s nickname to edit it


Blacklist a person/group:

Tap (Contact)

Tap ‘Block’

Pick a contact or a group to block (you will no longer receive their message and they will not notice your blocking).


Delete a person from group or Contact list:

Swipe left on a person, then tap ‘DELETE’.


Change to a new phone? Reinstall your SKI+ app?

Setting up a password for migrating your account in the future:

Tap (Settings)

Tap ‘Privacy’

Tap ‘Backup’ to prepare for your account transferring (migrating).

It will ask for setting up a new password. Enter your password and keep it safe.