Advanced Crypto lab

1.Post-quantum cryptography (PQC)
2.High assurance cryptographic software (HACS)
3.Cryptographic implementations and their side- channel attacks


Cutting-Edge Technologies for Malware Vetting, Network Attack & Defense

1.Applying Deep Learning to Malware Validation
2.Malware Behavior Analysis for Mobile APPs
3.Automatic Exploit Generation for Vulnerabilities
4.Combinative Evasion for Web Penetration Test
5.4G/5G Mobile Communication Security Assessment
6.Attack Detection and Prediction on Botnet
7.IoT Information Flow Tracking and Monitoring
8.Communication Protection for Industrial Network


AI & Data Science

1.Defense Against Botnet/DDoS Attacks
2.SDN/NFV Network Security
3.Malware Analysis and Forensics
4.Defense Against Side Channel Attack
5.IoT Health Data Mining and Privacy Protection
6.Distributed Ledger System Security


Resilient and Privacy-Preserving Mechanism for Critical Information Infrastructures

1.Designing Next Generation Smart Meter
2.Designing Privacy-Preserving Smart Grid
3.Side Channel Attack Analysis for Crypto Devices
4.Developing Network Intrusion Detection and Preven tion System for Critical Information Infrastructures
5.Developing Interactive Honeynet System for Critical Information Infrastructures


IoT-based End-to-End System Security

1.Mobile Device Security on IoT
2.Secure Application Service Mechanisms for IoT
3.System Security on IoT
4.Secure Cloud Platform for IoT
5.Network Security on IoT


Security Operation Center & ISMS Technology Development

1.Security Operation Center
2.Information Security Regulations
4.Information Security Audit
5.ICS Honeynet development


Secure and Intelligent Next-Generation Communications and Computation Technologies

  1. 5G Radio Access Network Security
  2. 5G SDN/NFV/IoT/Network Slicing Security
  3. Mobile Edge/Fog Computing Security
  4. Secure Computation Technologies
  5. Functional Encryption (Attribute-based Encryption, Predicate Encryption)
  6. Biometrics Authentication
  7. Embedded SIM (eSIM) Security
  8. Device-to-Device/Machine-type Communications Security
  9. Hardware Security
  10. Beyond 5G Security


Cyber security in finance and financial software security

  1. Financial Equipment Security
  2. Financial Cyber Security
  3. Intrusion Detection System for Financial Network
  4. Financial Software Security and Analysis
  5. Fintech Security
  6. Payment Security