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Technology R&D Division To Do Lists Item of Works Explanation of Contents Expect the Performance Establish TaiWan Information Security Center The folk of domestic Universities' professors and researchers or research centers' professors and researchers are our invite members:First Year:We take part in the northen universities to be invited,the members' units cover Academia Sinica、National Taiwan University [...]

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恭賀!!榮獲國科會網路通訊國家型科技計畫 優良研究計畫

恭賀! 謝續平老師研究團隊榮獲國科會網路通訊國家型科技計畫   計畫名稱 : 異質無線多網安全檢測平台建置計畫 得獎項目 : 優良研究計畫

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狂賀 李育杰老師升等教授 李育杰老師個人網站 項天瑞老師升等副教授 項天瑞老師個人網站

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狂賀!謝續平 教授榮獲 2014 IEEE Fellow!

狂賀!謝續平 教授榮獲 2014 IEEE Fellow! 謝續平老師個人網站

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恭賀! 殭屍網路偵測系統及方法專利申請獲證

中心案號:0980026TW 專利名稱:殭屍網路偵測系統及方法 申請國家:中華民國 申請類型:發明 創作人:毛敬豪、王奕勛、陳祖翰、李漢銘、陳 裕傑、葉治宏 申請日:2009/07/03 申請號:098122517 公告日:2013/08/11 公告號:I405434 專利權止日:2029/07/02

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Taiwan-Germany Workshop on Information Security and Crypto & TWISC Annual Exhibition, 2012

  Schedule Travel Information Registration   Date: November 15-16, 2012 About this workshop:   Dr. Johannes Buchmann, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Germany has a long history of academic interation and collabo-ration with our group. We were gratified when he received the prestigious Tsung-Ming Tu Prize after we nominated him to the [...]

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